Reduce noise when using power over Ethernet connection?

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What is the best way to reduce noise/jitter when I was using Power over Ethernet from router through  tp-link av1200 to tp-link switch then to bluesound node 2?

My tp-link switch is power by linear power supply and I’m using wireworld chroma CAT8 from switch to BSN2.

I have search several options:

1. Using fiber optic converter tp-link MC200MC. It is only for short distance 1m. Total cost USD400 including fiber optic cable, SFP and linear power supply for media converter. 2. Gigafoilv4. Total cost USD600 including LPS. 3. Acoustic Revive  LAN isolator RLI-1. Total cost USD250.

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Power is the devil…just kidding! We are using a late 19th/early 20th century power distribution system in the 21st century. Just about every problem I have with solid state lighting can be tracked to crappy power supplies. It’s got to be way worse for audio.

That Richard Feynman chat about light (and radio) waves in the other thread was from 1982. Imagine what he would say today. “The inevitable nature of nature…because it’s all just there, don’tcha know!” I just love that guy…

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