Why do we pay more for less?

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In a good way. I recently read an article (I can’t find it now) about “luxury” design being defined as less – lower illumination levels, quieter acoustics, less clutter.

With HiFi I often find that it’s not about louder and more bigger. It’s about refinement and presentation and taking stuff away (noise?) to make room for the display of music. I feel like a lot of times we are paying for gear and setup that is subtractive rather than additive.

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There’s so much choice in the market that I often have to ask my clients why custom? (I design lighting systems for architecture.) Usually I try to suggest a modification to an existing luminaire so it aligns better with their wants and needs. The manufacturer’s may or may not be willing depending on quantity and how much exposure they will get. I often do wonder if this sort of endless retooling of the existing contributes to the paradox of post-modernism…

Sometimes the client will say “this has to be completely original” and I advise them as to the expense and time involved. If they are still game, we are off on an adventure. Sadly, those types of clients are fewer and fewer. Everyone is in such a hurry…and the crisis of convenience, the enigma of expediency, rears it’s head. We enter into a vast array of flatness of sameness…

What was that old saying…cheap-fast-good…pick two.

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