Do I need a separate pre-amp?

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I just listened to John Darko and Vinnie Rossi talk about pre-amps. I’m not at all tech savvy but the gist I got was that even though your DAC has volume control the inclusion of a (good) pre-amp will still make for better SQ.

I’ve had a Croft pre/power amplification in my system for a month or so. Along with the Chord Qutest and just a wired iPad it is a setup that sounds really nice on my speakers (Guru Audio Q60). But now I’ve seen the new Brooklyn Bridge from Mytek.

Here’s my question: is the Brooklyn Bridge enough of a pre-amp (along with its other impressive functionality) to stand alone with a suitable power-amp?

Optimally, someone here have used the either the DAC+ or the Bridge as a pre-amp and can chime with hands-on experience.

Thanks – and sorry for the long spiel…

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Good to hear, I was concerned I was over explaining.

As they say, try before you buy…looks like in the US they have a 30 day trial.

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