Has anyone tried Crutchfield’s virtual speaker comparison?

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Crutchfield just launched something called SpeakerCompare, which claims to provide accurate comparisons of speakers at home.  It uses an anechoic chamber, rubber ears and an array of microphones to record the sound from various speaker models.  You select two speakers to compare, select your model of headphones, and listen to test tracks to compare the difference in sound.


The catch is that you need to have headphones that match their catalog or rent one of their test kits.  I’ve got a pair of Grado SR80e’s that probably match pretty closely to the SR60s they have listed, but otherwise I’m out of luck.  I didn’t hear much of a difference at all trying to test LS50s against some Monitor Audio Gold 100s.

Has anyone tried this?  Any luck with the virtual comparisons?

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I tried it last week with my Aeon Flows and Mojo. Can I discern some differences? Sure, yes. Would I use them to actually make a decision about a speaker purchase? No way. To me the samples didn’t sound as good as even typical Spotify quality — compressed, mushy layering, etc.  Maybe there was a technical glitch, I don’t know, but bottom line, I didn’t get as wide a range of difference as I’d expect with in person auditions.

Still … cool idea and hopefully they can make this into a useful tool some day.

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