Difference between, say, Innuos Zen Mini and Zen?

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SIR I HAVE A Denafrips terminator and a Sonic transporter i5 server but i want to upgrade to Innuos. Then everything is togetherin my HiFirack.

I have an Sotmsms200 Roon end point and SBooster 12v power block.So i have the seperate power blockfor the Zen Mini mk3 is the motherboard on the Zen worth the extra? I am trying to buy now and now have to upgrade for say 5years i am after sonic DIFFERENCE. the Terminator DAC is magnificient and need to equal this.

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I listened to the Innuos setup at Can Jam. They had three models set up for comparison. The biggest difference that I noticed was between the Zen Mini and the model directly above it, particularly with voice. Now granted, this was through headphones in a show environment. If you add the cost of the power supply to the Zen Mini there’s not that much difference between that combination and the Zen model above it. If I wanted a server and a ripper with a streamer, well none of their products are bad. The build quality appears excellent. It does seem that the one piece Zen presents the best value. For the budget minded (me) it would be the Zen Mini and get the power supply upgrade later…

I wish they made a stand alone streamer. Supposedly they have an app in development. Right now it’s Roon and something third party that I can’t remember.

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