Can the tactile experience of vinyl merge with the convenience of digital audio?

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According to this VMP article, virtual reality may provide the answer.

Would you ever consider “listening to vinyl” using a VR headset?

Me? Hard no.

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but then i could not have the debate that vinyl sounds better than digital or actually that digital sounds better than vinyl.

And we would need tactile feedback gloves for this also …

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It looks like a fun toy to play with, but no – if the tactile experience of playing vinyl is important, then I can’t see something like this ever being taken seriously.

The digital audio listening and browsing experience is lacking  something crucial compared with physical media, but it’s definitely not a VR toy (forget MQA and femto clocks – I reckon this is the real challenge in digital audio right now).

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I think the real problem is thinking that one replaces the other. I’m really not into the idea of new technologies as replacements. I like to think of them as alternative opportunities. I can start streaming Messiaen’s complete works for organ when I go to bed and it’s still playing when I get up in the morning. That’s wasn’t possible until at least the introduction of CD changers. Now it’s just a tap on a screen.

I’ve tried some of the painting apps on the Oculus. They’re OK, but I can’t imagine them being as exciting as Futura 2000 tagging the 5 train.

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