Sound Quality Perception Test?

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I just found this via a well know music industry commentator on YouTube:

I took the test using the following setup:

Mac Book Air >> AudioQuest Dragonfly Red with Jitter Bug and DragonTail USB cable>> Sennheiser HD540 (very old but in good working order AFAIK)

I was rather disappointed with my ability to identify the highest resolution version of each track.

In my slight defense I was doing this in a room with other family members watching TV and those headphones are open back so there was some background noise.

Is this a valid test? Are the files actually being rendered properly from this website?

Interested to hear others views on this.

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Thanks Anton. You’ve really put in some dedicated listening time on this subject.

I’d absolutely love to get my hands on a Mobile Fidelity copy of Kind of Blue on 45rpm, but its out of print and new copies are being offered around the £70 mark in UK. I can see the Classic Records versions are selling for much higher than this.

I have the Dire Straits Brothers in Arms MFSL 45 rpm and it is wonderful.


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