Where do you purchase your high resolution music downloads?

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If you regularly purchase high resolution music downloads, where do you prefer to buy it and why?

I’m struggling to find places to purchase high resolution album downloads at (what I feel) is a fair price and I’d really like to know where other music fans go for their high resolution download purchases.

I prefer Bandcamp, which I think provides the best deal for the music fan as well as the artist, but unfortunately the catalogue is very limited. From the buyer’s perspective, they’re charged the same price for a track or album no matter what their preferred format or resolution, which is how I believe it should be.

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Thank you everyone for your helpful replies – there are certainly a few sites I need to check out 🙂

In response to Mario, Bandcamp does indeed support high res audio, but it depends entirely on what the artist or label provides. They don’t seem to flag up music that’s available in high res, so you’ll only find out after you purchase – but then it’s the same price, so it’s a nice surprise when it turns out to be high res. I found this out by accident when I purchased an album a couple of days ago, which is what prompted this post.

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