Has anyone experienced Iconoclast cables (interconnects)?

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I’m about to purchase a pair of 1,2m 4×4 OFE XLR from Iconoclast (http://www.iconoclastcable.com/) to connect DAC and pre amp. They need to be purchased in the US via BJC and all the hassle with customs etc. will occur… Anyhow, just out of curiosity: has anyone used any of these interconnects (1×4 or 4×4) yet?

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I have them.  I currently have the 4×4 TPC variant, and expect the OFE to compare, in a few days.

PS Audio P10 > Pink Faun 2.16 Roon>HQPe>I2S > PS Audio DS Snowmass > BHK pre > M700 monos > Ascend Acoustics Sierra 2 – Belden Iconoclast interconnects and speaker cables

Dual Rythmik L12 – servo, sealed 12″ subs
Iconoclast TPC speaker leads and TPC and OFE interconnects (comparing and deciding between them)
Zu Audio Event Mk1 power cables
Pink Faun I2S cable included with 2.16

Moderately treated asymmetric 14’x18’x8’ living/listening room

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Veeeery nice system you have. I have seen that photo – I guess on the PS Audio forum.

My 4×4 XLR OFE arrived the day before yesterday. Haven’t had the time yet to do some critical listening. Hopefully tomorrow…

But first impression was: Ok, my “old” cables” are not that bad 😉
Anyhow, there is still a 10m XLR between my pre and the amp, so maybe the effect of that DACV – Pre interconnect gets “blurred” by these…

I’m very much interested in your finding. Please share!

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Thank you, it’s been fun building it.  Yes, I’ve been quite active on PSA forum and posted this pic there.

I have a 10′ (3m) run from DAC to preamp and 3′(1m) from preamp to amps.  I’ve swapped back to my former Belden 1800F long run and the spaciousness and depth fell away.  The Iconoclast bring a sense of proper timing to my ear.  Everything seems more natural.  I’ve not compared them to anything remotely close to their level, in terms of cost or performance.  The synergy in my system is quite good with them.  Enjoyable.  I’ve got many hundreds of hours on the TPC.  I’m interested to compare to new OFE.

That said, I have a bit of a difficult install for the stiffness of the Iconoclasts.  The OFE set arriving Monday has custom angled terminations to hopefully fit better into the tight space I have to work with.  The long set goes through the wall and the large bend radius is something to deal with.  Do NOT kink them, it will damage the physical relationship of conductors, per Galen the designer.

If the OFE sets don’t happen to work out, I’ll be exploring the next step down.  The Belden BAV, also designed by Galen, that is very flexible.  Galen says they are very similar to the 4×1 but of course, not to the same absolute level.

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