Changing Apple Airport to Google WiFi router to improve sound quality?

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Can changing Apple Airport router to Google WiFi router improve Roon Nucleus to Sonore Ultrarendu streaming sound quality?

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I had both (using Google Mesh right now) .. but never made A/B and compared sound impressions ;).

I guess both devices are consumer electronics without much effort in maximizing sound quality specially (whilst using special AC components or other attempts to calm any disturbing things from chips and boards) therefore I would not spend money for an audible upgrade only.

BUT a google WiFI mesh was a noticeable upgrade for my wifi-performance generally.

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WIFI is really not a good setup for audio. If you want a good setup for Roon it really requires Ethernet.

WIFI especially MESH will invade your analog components in a really bad way. The RF signals plays havic on DA chips and analog outputs… especially if you are running solid state equipment.

Good tube rectified products will remove a lot of that noise, but solid state will carry that through.



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