How Many Speakers Does it Take…?

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The responses to the DACs on DACs on DACs thread reminded me of this great old Stereophile article, “Buy Cheap Speakers — Have Fun!” It always made a lot of sense to me. Affordable speakers, like affordable DACs or headphones or phono cartridges, seem like a fun and easy way to meaningfully alter a system. I say “alter,” rather than “improve” or “upgrade” because this pastime is not always about improvements. It’s just as often about differences.

With that in mind, I’m wondering: How many pairs of speakers do you own? Of the speakers you own, how many do you use regularly?

I own eight pairs of speakers (standmount and desktop), but use only four pairs regularly. (I’ve been slowly downsizing.)

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I’ve never been able to part with stuff because I anthropomorphize it and think it will miss me, like the toys in Toy Story.

@Anton: Dude, same here.

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