How Many Speakers Does it Take…?

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The responses to the DACs on DACs on DACs thread reminded me of this great old Stereophile article, “Buy Cheap Speakers — Have Fun!” It always made a lot of sense to me. Affordable speakers, like affordable DACs or headphones or phono cartridges, seem like a fun and easy way to meaningfully alter a system. I say “alter,” rather than “improve” or “upgrade” because this pastime is not always about improvements. It’s just as often about differences.

With that in mind, I’m wondering: How many pairs of speakers do you own? Of the speakers you own, how many do you use regularly?

I own eight pairs of speakers (standmount and desktop), but use only four pairs regularly. (I’ve been slowly downsizing.)

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I own 4 pairs of speakers, and use 3 pairs regularly:

Magnepan MG20.7s in main room

Harbeth Super HL5+ Anniversary in living room

B&W DM302 in garage

The other pair are Spendor SA-1 (and a REL 305), which are probably going to my son.

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I’ve never been able to part with stuff because I anthropomorphize it and think it will miss me, like the toys in Toy Story.

@Anton: Dude, same here.

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Hi Anton,

I’m running a pair of Randy Rush’s Caintuck Audio Betsy Baffles and a pair of his 15″ Alpha Bass Baffles. Both are the barrel shape in solid red oak. Pretty amazing speakers for the price.



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Currently have four pairs of passive loudspeakers under our roof; two of which are hooked up, and one set is currently on Craigslist in case an offer might pop up.  Also have one pair of powered speakers for one of our computer setups.

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Mario! Which open baffle speakers?

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8 sets of speakers and 3 pairs of headphones.

1 set of satellite/sub speakers (regular use with AV setup)

1 set of open baffles speakers (regular use with main system)

1 pair of 3 way towers (not currently in use)

1 pair of fullrange towers (daily use with SET system)

1 pair of bookshelf speakers (regular use in bedroom system)

2 pairs of active studio monitors (daily use with desktop/DAW system)

1 pair of passive desktop speakers (regular use with workshop setup)

1 set of headphones (regular use with headphone system)

2 sets of headphones (used with DAW system when I’m recording or mastering)

Like antelion my speakers are in use with different systems and I tend to not rotate them except with the main system where I sometimes rotate the 3-way towers for the open baffles. I used to do a fair amount of recording and mastering with the DAW setup but these days I use it more as a regular desktop computer. The two pairs of active monitors are from different companies and I alternate between them for daily use.

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I like multiple cheap and cheerful speakers: own and use 7 pair (down from 13 or so).

Two are powered desktop speakers.  Most are small so they can easily be swapped out or moved to another room. I’ve taken small passives on vacation with a cheap class D amp.

The other day we were spinning vinyl on the kitchen table with the turntable directly into some powered speakers.

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On my, could be embarrassing…

Loft above barn: Infinity Intermezzo 2.6 and Klipsch Heresy that trade off being driven by a tiny little SMSL amp and an Oppo UDP-205.

Apartment living room below the loft: Yamaha NS 1000 speakers with Yamaha NS C4 preamp and M4 amplifier, being fed by a Marantz something or other SACD player.

Room near kitchen: Cerwin Vega XLS-215 speakers driven by a Scott LK-72 integrated amp and Oppo UDP-205. Also hooked up the a Meridian Explorer 2 and a laptop for Tidal.

Living room: Ferguson Hill FH001 speakers with Voxativ AC-4X drivers replacing the original Lowthers. Blah blah blah associated equipment. This is the record playing system.

Master bedroom: Those Kickstarter Soundstage 360 battery posered speakers driven by my iPhone.

Converted kid’s bedroom to guest room: Ferguson Hill FH007 speakers with second subwoofer added.

Langusihing in the basement: 4 pair of Acoustat 2+2’s (I’m gonna figure something to do with them,) 2 pair of Acoustic Research AR 90’s (for stacked and inverted use,) a pair of Apogee Studio Grands that I had modded by True Sound Works, a pair of Apogee Mini Grands, three pairs of assorted vintage 1984 Angstrom speakers, A/D/C C300 little speakers that used to be mounted on the rear deck of my Impala.My kid borrowed a pair of Klipsh La Scala speakers (I don’t care what people say about them, with a nice amp and front end, they are stunning.)

It accumulates through the decades. I’ve never been able to part with stuff because I anthropomorphize it and think it will miss me, like the toys in Toy Story.

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5 pairs of speakers and 1 pair of cans.

Thiel CS 2.4’s in my main rig (regularly/daily)

B&W 684’s as part of B&W 5.1 surround setup in TV Room/Family Room (regularly/daily)

Audioengine A2’s on office desktop (regularly/daily)

Yamaha NS-AW190 outdoor speakers on porch (used seasonally mid spring thru mid fall)

ADS L210’s in Breakfast Room (mostly for listening to radio – more sporadically, uses same amp as the Yamaha speakers on the porch)

Jabra Move bluetooth headphones used for exercising and practicing drums (regularly)

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6 pairs of speakers (one of those from an era when there where no “pairs”)

3 pairs of “cans”

they are in regular use (rather than rotation) as there are several “systems” which for me also mean different ways of approaching listening to music (still all within my personal interpretation of what that should be or means)

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