Advantages of full cable loom by one manufacturer?

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System changes are requiring the purchase of many new cables. Currently I have cables from a number of manufacturers. I’m wondering if there are any advantages to using the same manufacturer for the entire loom or if it’s best to mix & match to achieve the best ‘seasoning’ for component matching. Thanks!

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Hello Aaron,

very good point on the component change topic. If you tend to swap out lots of gear then you need an according arsenal of cables to complement.

The consistent cable loom could be a kind of stable platform to build on. Not sure if it only needs to be neutral though. There are other ideas of presentation which could also make sense.

Eventually not relevant in your case, but there are brands that seem to work very well with their own cables. Kondo being a case for this.

Sometimes shielding becomes more important (depending on your environment) so this can also be a consideration for cable choice.

Hello Anton,

not to my knowledge. Also one of the issues in high end. If there are any measurements at all it is never quoted how they were done. So even if there is data it is hard to really interpret these.

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